Sunday, April 27, 2014

Several Unicorn Displays

Okay, so I'm planning to own 3 Unicorns and 3 Banshees. One each to display in Unicorn Mode. One each to display in NTD basic mode, .nd a pair in green NTD mode. I'm planning on them being in several permanent displays.

Unicorn Mode, posed in struggle inside hangar, maybe with destroyed Delta+:
MG Banshee OVA Ver. (Railgun + Claw) [OVA colors, being black, navy, and dark blue w/ basic decals]
MG Unicorn OVA Ver. (Beam Magnum + Shield) [Gray shading and details on off white w/ basic decals]
I'm either going to be a huge dumbass and paint the psycoframe frame color, to prevent neon bleedthrough in the cracks of the armor, or straight up switch the red and yellow for shiggles. Oh, and I'm going to repaint all of the gold accents on banshee to be a more traditional gold.

NTD Mode, posed in battle, probably with 1/100 particle effects and forearm sabers drawn:
MG Banshee Norn (Beam Magnum w/ grenade + Armed Armor DE)
MG Unicorn + full weapon set from MG FA Unicorn Ver. Ka

This will be the busiest looking display, because it will be the only one with direct combat. Same armor colors and details as above. When this is painted, the pink psycoframe will be a light red, and the orange will be closer to a bright yellow. (Think of how the frame looks on the Damashii figures)

Green NTD Mode, symmetrical or identical pose facing same way:
MG FA Unicorn [Pure white with grey shading + full set red waterslides]
MG Banshee Ver. Ka [Pure almost-black with grey shading + full set gold waterslides]

All of these will be painted, and the psyco frames will be metallic. For the green mode, I'm thinking either bare handed, or w/ beam magnums. If they release a non FA green OVA UC and a green norn, I'll buy them as well, so I can have a set to durdle with, or they may replace the green set outright.

*Edit for paint planning

Gold Details: Vallejo Old Gold OR Gaia 124 Star Bright Brass
Abdomen and Frame: Mr. Color Grey [24] 80%, Black [2] 20%
Green Psycoframe: Tamiya Metallic Green OR Mr. Hobby Mr Color GX 205 Metal Green OR Mr. Hobby Clear [46] 50%, Clear Green [138] 40%, Clear Blue [50] 10% on Metallic Silver
Beam Energy Packs: Mr. Color Navy Blue 30%, Blue, 30%, White 20%, Green 20%
Weapons: Mr. Color Navy Blue 60%, Grey 30%, Mahogany 10%

Eyes = Green Psycoframe
3 Base White: Gaia Ex-01 White
Red Psycoframe: Mr. Color Metallic Red GX OR Mr. Color Clear Red on Metallic Silver
1+2 Base White: Mr. Color White [1]
1+2 Accent Grey: Mr. Color Light Skull Grey [11]
Feet + Backpack: Mr. Color Blue 75%, Clear Red 10%, Silver 15%

Eyes = Red Psycoframe
3 Base Black: Gaia 22 Semi-Gloss Black
Yellow Psycoframe: Mr. Color Metallic Yellow GX
1+2 Dark Blue: Mr. Color Intermediate Blue [72]
1+2 Body Blue: Mr. Color Black [2] 40%, Blue Grey [337] 30%, Blue [5] 20%, Purple [67] 10%
1+2 Accent: Mr. Color Light Skull Grey [11]
1+2 Feet + Backpack: Mr. Color Black [2]
3 Feet + Backpack: Mr. Color Midnight Blue

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