Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Change of Plans

Okay, I'm a dumbass. I really want to be the first person to make the Build Strike Freedom MG custom. This project is officially bumped up to #1 priority. As such, I have separated my parts into individual bags by final color, and they are ready for priming. This is what little progress I can make with all of my paint in the mail. I'm also planning on checking out a hobby shop on Monday to see if there is any way I can bypass some of the waiting on more obscure paints. Anywho, here is the final color scheme, a list of paints, and other modifications. Here is the color mockup:

Ignore the shitty MSPaint skills. This is just a mockup because the lineart doesn't have accurate part separation as compared to the MG. I took some liberties as compared to the many Freedom colored Build Strikes to make it a bit more interesting overall in my opinion. Yeah yeah, the dick isn't gold even though its frame. I'm doing it to make it more true to the original Strike Freedom. Same with the black on the legs. Now for the kitbashing part.

I'm planning on stealing everything circled in green.

The backpack should be easy, as it uses the same connector type. If the recess on BS' back is too deep I can always just add plastic to the tooth of the backpack to make it fit. No big deal, if any at all.

I'm not super hellbent on making this one work, but it would be nice. I'm planning on just carving out the area where the A26+A27 parts would sit. I could then put BS' forearm mounts on top of that, or just forego the underside of these pieces and glue them on. We will see how the parts actually size up.

Well, I have a male balljoint on the frame, and a male balljoint on the sideskirt gun. This has one of three good solutions and one bad one, in my opinion. I can either...
1. Just trim the BS side skirt until I only have the necessary connector and glue it to the sideskirt. (I would like to keep the sideskirt intact if possible, so its not really my style)
2. Recast the BS sideskirt in resin and do the steps above with the resin clone.
3. Form a new female balljoint in epoxy putty. This would take guesswork, so I'm not to keen on it.
4. Just fucking glue the sideskirt to the waist and sacrifice all articulation of the legs. 

I'm going with option 1 or 2. It depends on how lazy I am, and how much time I have.


this has had me thinking for a long time. I could just use the guns from Strike Freedom. Easy enough! Right?


Here is my crazy madman plan for creating new combining beam rifles. If I can get this to work I will be so proud of myself.

Holy shit I'm crazy. This would be so much fucking work, but so satisfying. Obviously I can't get retracting pieces in something like this, so I'll have to put a hole in the back of the rifle and plug it, or make the front end of the rifle pop off. The only problem with the latter is having a way to secure the rifles to each other then. Maybe I can create some kind of lock, or magnetic snap in place thing using the added butt in the purple box and the hollow area in the yellow box at the front of the rifle.

Maybe I should try airbrushing for the first time before I set my hopes so high.


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