Friday, June 27, 2014


Okay, so I haven't just been endlessly fucking off, but I haven't made as much progress as I would like. The Unicorn project is on hold, the Anaheim RG Strike Freedom has to wait for the re-release of the RG Strike Freedom Deactive mode, and I have made a good bit of progress on the MG Build Strike Freedom.

Adding to my list of projects is:
Gouf Troupe (4-5 different heavily modified goufs)
RG Dark Matter Astraea F-Type
MG 00 Seven Sword Test Type (just painting a regular MG 00 SS cause it's only like 50 bucks instead of 80+)


I've sanded/modified/primed the entire body and booster, but not the frame. That's it. I need to work on the frame separately because it's made of ABS, and that will be a special project because I'm using Alclad Pale Gold. So there is a good chunk of work done, but if I started painting the rest of the body right now it would probably be done in two weeks (because of acrylic drying times).

I've been competing for painting space in my garage, and for time against the evil Houston summer humidity. I'm waaaaaay behind schedule, but I'm only slightly behind where I could realistically be at this point. If I can get my housemate to clean his shit out and reclaim my space I can realistically finish in ~10 days. Except for the double hyper beam rifle. God damn that is giving me trouble. The way some of the parts line up just flat out doesn't work, so I had to buy two more Universe boosters just to have parts to work with again. It feels like an endless process of : design > size > cut > try to fit > stupid fucking problem happens > try to fix with putty/plaplate > strip all the work and keep trying until the part becomes unrecognizable.

I'll take pictures probably next weekend (4th of July so I might actually have some time because I get a 3 day weekend from work) and share my progress.

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